Media Brands For Sale

Ever since registering the domain name in 2002 I've been searching for a purpose or cause worthy of the brand Every American.

Since I first came to realize that foreign profiteers were hoarding domains, I've been registering certain patriotic domains to preserve them as branding assets for future American enterprises. The Every American brand was one of these. I registered the .com, .net and .org.

See the Full List (American Brand Portfolio - 74 Domains)

If you are interested in one or more of the Domains you can . . .


Until this domain portfolio is sold, I'm using it as a home for my campaign of gratitude – a blog of sorts – where I can very simply express my recognition and gratitude for those people along my path who I notice taking a courageous stand on behalf of Every American in some extraordinary way.

Forward to the Past

Thanks to the Way Back Machine, anyone can revisit the entire history of any domain name. This invaluable resource relentlessly and continuously archives everything on the public internet in a public repository for future history.

For example, typing into the Way Back Machine returns a timeline comprising a series of "snapshots" of past websites posted on this domain ...

As another example, here is a 2006 archive "snapshot" when I was prototyping another brand within the Every American portfolio,, where the public could find the Podcasts of US Senators altogether on one website, searchable by State and Senator.